Changing the Game

What if one invention could wildly change the entire course of history? Actually, you don’t have to wonder – one invention can absolutely change the world so much as to be unrecognizable. Just look at the internet! Now that we’ve been over most of the important technology available today, our category 1, we’re free to move on to category 2: tech that would completely change the world.

Now obviously an awful lot could fall into that category. If we somehow invented a button that caused diamonds to appear out of thin air, that would doubtlessly change the world. Nevertheless, I’m going to restrict this category to inventions allowed by our current understanding of physics. A lot of these will be breakthroughs in topics we’ve already covered, sudden leaps forward that while related to previous subjects, really deserve an article all to themselves.

Previous articles have all been about real-world technology, with lots of proven research to back them up. Now we’re moving into the realm of speculation, even though, as I said, everything I will be describing is currently thought to be allowed by the laws of physics. I’m going to be totally clear: no one knows what will happen in the future. What I’m presenting here seems likely to happen eventually given our current understanding of science, but when we can’t even say if they’ll happen at all, we definitely don’t have a certain timeframe. Nevertheless, most if not all of the advancements I’m going to discuss have reasonable, educated people arguing that they could happen within our lifetimes.

Some of the ideas we’re going to suggest in the following posts will probably sound ludicrous to you, and may even seem frightening. When in doubt, take everything with a grain of salt, but don’t dismiss possibilities out of hand, and do your own research. Funnily enough, this blog is not the end-all-be-all of speculation about the future. There are lots of articles and books and talks by real experts in the field available for you to peruse, if you go digging.

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