So we’ve covered the broad strokes of the futuristic technology of today, and the big game-changers that could shape the future into something unrecognizable. That just leaves… Everything else. It’s a pretty big category to cover, because futurists have all sorts of predictions which aren’t close enough to coming true to be covered by category 1, and aren’t central enough to how we conceptualize the future to be in category 2. This nebulous conglomeration of predictions dictates things like what our daily lives might be like, where we’ll live, and how we’ll act.

Therefore, I’m going to open up this blog to more than just broad overviews of technological predictions of the future. From now on we’ll be including articles about how society might change, how futurism works in general, and even reviews of popular culture and how it affects our conceptualization of the future. But don’t worry, there should still be plenty of technological predictions to cover, too!

If any of you readers have topics you want me to cover, anything even remotely topical, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to work it into the schedule. This blog is for you, after all, to help you puzzle out where our world is going and all the amazing changes that technology has wrought so far. Thank you for reading, and I hope you will continue to enjoy!

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